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There's no better time than now to start your plant-based journey.

Millions around the world are crowding out the meat and dairy on their plates with vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds, as the evidence in favour of this lifestyle gets more media attention.

Need some help figuring out what to buy, what to cook, and how to integrate your new diet with your culture and lifestyle?

I've got your back.

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Hi, I'm Muriel!

For a long time, I've had an active interest in good food, healthy habits, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

Since I made the switch to veganism in 2011, I've been supporting and guiding others in their transition towards eating more plants. I'm proud to promote eating habits that are consistent with a vision of a sustainable and equitable world.

Plus, vegan food has never tasted so good! With many hours in the kitchen under my belt, I'm usually quite proud to say, "Anything you can make, I can make vegan!"

Let me help you

My approach to coaching is holistic and adaptive. There are a million ways that a plant-based journey could look like, depending on who's trying it; everyone has a different history and relationship with food, different motivations to change their eating habits and different cultural pressures that might make a shift more or less easy.

I believe that it's super important to accommodate each person's individual journey, and simply start with the goal to eat more plants.

custom meal plans

Taking your eating habits and personal health goals into account, we'll create a personalised meal plan to get you started.

where to shop

Learn about where to shop for all the things you might not be used to buying—it's less than obvious and every city's different.

vegan kitchen basics

Baking without eggs? Satiating mains full of flavour and umami? Quick tricks to prep meals for the week? I've got you covered.

cooking on a budget

Despite what many might think, plant-based cuisine can be the most affordable kind around. Let me show you how.


Get in touch if you're interested in a consult or if you have any questions 🙂