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Why we should eat breakfast

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Friends, I’ve changed my mind about breakfast. For the last couple of years, I’ve been calling myself “not a breakfast person” – simply because I’m not hungry until 12 pm or so. I have my coffee (sometimes black, sometimes with soy milk), and my stomach doesn’t talk to me until later. But like I said, I’ve changed my mind, and I’m making a point to eat breakfast before 11 am.

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Seaspiracy rocks the boat

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I watched the newly-released Seaspiracy last week, along with many thousands of others: it’s been in the Top 10 in several countries around the world in the first few days of its release on Netflix. It’s from the makers of Cowspiracy and What the Health, with a distinctly similar style of exposing an industry and the environmental organisations that are covertly supporting it.

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Kiss the Ground: a review

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I just watched the documentary Kiss the Ground on Netflix, and figured I’d share some thoughts on it. If you’ve watched it, it would be great to hear if it’s inspired you in any way. If you haven’t watched it, the ideas I’ll share here are worth a quick read anyway (I hope!). The theme of the film is soil …