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Vegan German Cheesecake (Käsekuchen)

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One of the most elusive culinary achievements in my vegan kitchen has been a baked cheesecake. I’d only ever tried a frozen cheesecake, which is super easy to make (using cashews) but very pricey and a different thing entirely. Now that I’m in Germany however, I figured I’d try my hand at veganising a local speciality: käsekuchen. It has a …

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Vanilla Ice Cream

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I’ve been making this ice cream for years, ever since I bought my little Krups ice cream maker. The recipe works like a charm, as long as you follow the directions: freeze the bowl properly (the colder the better), make sure the custard thickens nicely, and cool it enough before making the ice cream. A traditional ice cream is made …

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Vegan Crêpes

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I had a bunch of fun in the kitchen trying out different ways to make crêpes (i.e. thin, delicate pancakes, in the French style). Flapjacks (the thicker version, what Americans call pancakes) are super easy to veganise and they’ve been my go-to for years, but somehow I was always intimidated at the thought of trying vegan crêpes, since I’d always …

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Overnight Chia Pudding

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I don’t know who first came up with the idea of “chia pudding”—my guess is that it stems from some ancient food tradition in Central America (since chia seeds originate in Mexico). Either way, I’m grateful! Chia seeds have a beautiful way of soaking up the liquid they’re mixed into and getting a jelly-like texture, making for a perfect little …

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Fudgy Black Bean Brownies

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I love a fudgy brownie. It’s brownie, not chocolate cake. I even like it slightly undercooked to up the fudge-factor. The great thing about a vegan recipe is that there’s zero risk of food poisoning from uncooked eggs! This recipe is flour-free (and therefore gluten-free), with black beans as the star ingredient—but you’d never know it. They are chocolatey with …